An Unscheduled Trip to the Store

Those of you who have been my friends on here for a while know that I rarely post anything long and wordy. It takes something fairly monumental…like a screw in a tire or a list of self-improvement suggestions to move me enough to get up on my soap box. Well friends –I’ve been moved, so either skip this or settle in for a bit, the choice is yours.

My husband and I had planned to pick up a few groceries together this evening, sort of an old folks date-night. Just before noon today, I suddenly had to go get groceries. I mean I simply HAD to, didn’t comb my hair, no changing clothes, just grabbed a baseball cap and the grocery list and ran out the door. It was lunch hour, traffic would be heavier than at other times and drivers would be in a hurry, but still I just had to go to the store. Why? I wondered that all the way in to town.

As I turned onto what is usually an extremely busy road, I thought how very strange it was that at high noon, my car was the only one visible for blocks. An empty street with nobody in sight…I might normally step it up just a little because, well hey…just human nature. But I didn’t, if anything I was under the speed limit, driving like an old woman hauling a load of eggs and china. Hang with me friends, the unscheduled trip to the store is about to make sense.

Up ahead about a block, something bright blue appears to roll into the street. As I get closer I can see that it is toddling. Dear God in heaven, yes, it was a baby…a new little walker barely toddling. I slammed the car in park, jumped out and ran toward her with my arms stretched out. She smiled and reached up to me so I scooped her up. I had left my car door open in my panic. In hindsight, the open door was a good thing, since I hadn’t turned on my flashers. The door effectively stopped traffic.

By this time, another car has arrived and stopped traffic from the other direction and a neighbor has come out to help keep traffic back while we try to locate Momma. I am NOT letting go of this little girl until her mother shows up and I can’t put her in the car with me to move it (that wouldn’t be smart), so we blocked traffic. After what seemed an incredibly long time, a woman burst out the front door of a nearby house screaming at the top of her lungs and wearing nothing but a towel.

Every Momma and Grandma fiber in me wanted to hang on to that baby-not give her back to the woman who had let this happen-but I handed her to her mother, because that is where she belonged.

Yes…her mother “dropped the ball”. But who of us hasn’t at least once. The absolute terror on the young mother’s face told me all that I needed to know…she loved her child…she was not uncaring, drunk or drugged up. She had a moment of poor judgment, probably thinking that a sleeping baby would stay that way long enough for her to take a shower.  She was wrong. I doubt that she will make that mistake again.

What I’m not sure of, is who was supposed to learn the most from this experience, myself or the baby’s mother. Was it angels watching over the baby, or was it angels watching over me? Probably both. I feel certain that I was pushed by a loving Hand to make that strangely timed trip to the store.  The driver stopping traffic from the other direction wanted to see the mother strung up-at the very least arrested, so the mother was lucky that it was me who was put in the right spot at the right time, and not the other driver. Traffic is normally heavy and fast on the road that I took, but not today, so I feel that same Hand’s influence there.  I tend to let my mind wander and perhaps have a heavy foot when I drive, but not today. Again, I was being guided.

By telling you all about my trip to the store, I hope that I have accomplished a couple of things. I hope that parents and guardians will remember how very quickly even toddlers can move, how adventurous and creative they can be. And… I hope that we ALL are able to recognize the push of a loving Hand when we feel it and that we respond.

I know that I will be more receptive to it after today.

If you’re still with me, I want to thank you for hanging in there. After I stopped shaking, it was important for me to share this. Blessings on you all, LeeIn His Hands finalSharing my piece from the ‘Best Friends Collection’-“In His Hands”