Lee Craig, Photographer

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“There was nothing like the joy of standing over the pan watching the images appear. Each time felt like Christmas morning!”

Lee 3x3.Lee Craig, Photographer

I’m delighted to introduce Lee Ann Craig, a photographer with a true artists’ eye.  An eye that can find beauty everywhere, whether it be a rusted sign, a long abandoned car, a scrub brush desert trail or a verdant garden pathway. Her sweeping landscapes and natural macro abstracts are visually compelling creations, but it’s her images of ramshackle heirlooms, forsaken and decayed, that continually lure me in. Viewing her gallery of portfolio collections such as ‘Junkyard Jewels’ and ‘Kicks in the Sticks’, one begins a captivating visual journey into the texture and detail Lee likes to call “the rust and the dust in the corner”.  I hope you will enjoy Lees’ galleries of work as much as I have! –  Jo Ann Tomaselli –

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